Check out our new media venture . . . the Everyday Shakespeare podcast!

This is where we bring Shakespeare down from the Ivory Tower and into the messy stuff of everyday life.  For us, the Bard isn’t some genius you haul out for weddings and graduation speeches. He’s our snarky friend, our confidant, our therapist, and our drinking buddy. He’s a useful guy to have around. Stick around, and you’ll see what we mean.

Caroline Bicks and Michelle Ephraim are Shakespeare professors, good friends, and parents trying to make it through the day. They had an “Everyday Shakespeare” blog for years and have shared their unique brand of Bard Meets Life humor everywhere from the New York Times to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency to The Moth Radio Hour. Their book, Shakespeare, Not Stirred: Cocktails for Your Everyday Dramas, came out in September 2015 from Perigee/Penguin (USA) and in October from Scribe (UK/AUS).

“After guzzling every libation in Shakespeare, Not Stirred, I became the most eloquent and witty drunk in my town, and so can you!”

— Gary Shteyngart , Author of Little Failure and Super Sad True Love Story